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Some Success Stories is a recruiting firm specialized in matching America's top cybersecurity and engineering talent with employers. With over 100 employees, 7Eagle has helped all sorts of companies ranging from Fortune 500s to start-ups.

Results: Done-For-You service leading to over 40 qualified meetings with 200-10,000 employee companies. 7 partners closed till date.

CEO, 7Eagle Group
Recruiting Agency
Fortune 500 Trusted Partner is a carbon-tech SaaS that helps companies with their ESG reporting.

Results: Done-For-You Implementation boosting pipeline by 120%.

Co-Founder & CEO, Vermena
Antler VC Batch 2023
ESG Reporting & CSR is a UX/UI firm run based out of Sydney, Australia. Bonny exited his last tech start-up to Snapchat, and is a full-time Start-up coach and design enthusiast.

Results: Done-For-You service leading to 4 retainer clients in 3 months and 21 qualified meetings.

Founder & CEO, Multipasss
Publicis Group Gold Award
Start-Up Coach

5 Steps to Generating Sales

easy to begin and done-for-you to the end


We openly discuss your current situation.
What problem do you solve and for whom?

Check List

You fill in a 15 minute onboarding form diving deeper into what you've done till date.


Identify ICP & pain points, lead magnet generation, copy angle ideation, and system set-up.

Design & Dev

We deploy the theorized processes, create sales assets, test, iterate, optimize.

Dollar coins

Scale winning campaigns whilst being proactive in finding improvements.

Behind the Work

Pierre Patrouillard


After spending half a decade working alongside sales teams in Silicon Valley, Pierre quickly realized how much time and energy sales reps were spending on prospecting.

He knew there had to be a better way...

LGX enables B2B Go-To-Market teams to have more conversations with their ideal prospects.


By mastering the art of AI, Automation, and Outbound:
Over 30 data providers
Custom APIs
AI Personalization
Custom Automations & Workflows

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